Technically building better lives

Our vision is to provide care and connection for the good of our corporate family, partners, and community.

At Techware, we’re united by our obsession with building better lives. There’s something special about being able to improve the quality of life for future generations through our NFP and children’s charity work, for so many years. It’s our Why.

Collectively committed to a common goal, we’re continually investing in our people, nurturing a work environment that attracts, trains, and retains some of the most skilled and upcoming tech employees in today’s workforce. A focus on hiring based on our corporate family values means our partners are treated like family too. For the benefit of both parties, our partnerships are entered into on the same merit — choosing our partners based on the business ethic alignment between us, so it just feels right.

We’re your outsourced digital operations co-creator, serving solutions to top international corporations and local charities alike.

In a constant and infinitely changing industry, we thrive on the challenge of change, speed, and simplicity. With 25+ years of inspiration and excellence in our partnerships, we ultimately future-proof and safeguard your business IT operations, preventing business disruption and facilitating business growth.


Our Corporate Family Values

Own It

Integrity, exemplify excellence, care for process, and secure solution

Challenge It

Creative innovation, continuous improvement, speed, and simplicity

Share It

Family teamwork, transparency, give connectivity to those in need


Our Story

A family from Laos of two devoted parents and their children attempted to leave the country to avoid inevitable adversity. After multiple migration attempts and months spent in refugee camps, the Sia family successfully migrated to Australia to build a better life.

Overcoming much hardship, the Sia children dedicated themselves to starting an IT business called Techware. With their industry passion, commitment to high service standards and family teamwork values, they quickly became profitable, which allowed their deserved parents to finally retire.

The organic business growth continued — more staff and partners were welcomed to the family, collectively committed to benefit others’ lives!

Techware is now one of Melbourne’s leading tech companies — a second home for people to grow professionally and personally, serve our partners as we would our own family and ultimately serve humanity.


Building Better Lives for All

Techware is committed to enriching the lives of not just our clients, but of everyone in our community. We undertake many charitable endeavors, but our proudest to date is becoming a founding sponsor of the Southern Cross Kids’ Camp (SCKC) Golf Event. It began in 2007 as a humble pitch and punt, but now it has grown in size and scope and is held at the Huntingdale Golf Club annually.

SCKC is a charity that provides camps for abused and neglected children, giving them opportunities to have an adventure, make friends, and create happy memories of positive experiences. To learn more about SCKC and make a donation, please visit their website here.

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