A Highly Effective Email Solution from Techware

As the foundation of Google Apps, Gmail is one of the most versatile email services in the world and is now offered by Techware. It is easy to install and operate, and can be used to improve communication and collaboration between users in almost any environment, from offices to schools to non-profit organizations.

Techware can help set up users with the following Gmail features:

  • Plenty of Storage Space: With over 25 GB provided for each educational and premier Gmail account, users will never have to delete another email again. Keep a record of all messages sent and preserve your information so that it can be accessed later on if needed.
  • Efficient Spam Protection: Using a series of advanced algorithms, Gmail’s spam filter works to constantly block out unwanted messages while still permitting regular mail to pass. This technology protects you by quickly adapting itself to new spamming techniques.
  • Advanced Search Features: Through the same search technology found in Google, Gmail users can locate individual emails within their inbox in mere microseconds. Furthermore, administrators can search through their central databases using Postini’s services, an add-on providing advanced archiving capabilities.
  • In-Built Chat Capabilities: Apart from sending and receiving emails, Gmail allows users to communicate through Google Chat, which offers text, voice and video chat abilities directly through any web browser. Alternatively, Google Talk is a stand-alone program offering the same features.
  • Advanced Electronic Security: Gmail makes sure that email is safe and secure. Firstly, mail is filtered for spam and viruses through Postini’s data centers before it is sent to the user’s inbox. Secondly, secure encryption reduces the chance of account hijacking and identity theft while a user is online.

Through Gmail, Techware offers the chance to send, receive and store thousands of emails in a secure online environment. All information is stored within the cloud so that messages can be accessed from anywhere on Earth. Gmail is an effective communication and collaboration platform that will benefit users in corporations, educational institutions and charities worldwide.

Would you like to streamline your business’ email capabilities?