Google Docs

Create and Share Documents Online with Techware

To facilitate the collaboration and sharing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations over the Internet, Techware can assist with the installation and set up of Google Docs. Eliminating the need for hundreds of email attachments, this handy app allows users to update and save documents in real-time from computers and mobile devices anywhere around the world.

Techware can provide access to the following Google Docs features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Through an intuitive layout that resembles most common office software, users can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from scratch, and then edit them as needed through their web browser. Additional capabilities such as bullet lists, tables, images and fonts are also included, making this one of the best, free document processing applications around.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Users of Google Docs can import and export most popular file formats on both Macs and PCs, including DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, RTF, CSV, ODT and ODS.
  • Instant Global Access: Because Google Docs stores all documents in the cloud, users can open and format them via a computer or mobile device anywhere on the planet. With an almost unlimited storage space, employees, students and teachers can have access to literally thousands of documents through their Internet connection
  • Real-Time Updates: Group members can use this handy application to make changes to documents at the same time, allowing a more fluid process of collaboration than email. Past changes can also be viewed through the revision history feature, making it easy to reverse alterations and create a more suitable document.

Techware and Google Docs offer users the chance to seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues through the cloud computing scene. It streamlines document creation, facilitating the sharing and editing of everything from text to spreadsheets to presentations.

Are you searching for a way to optimize the collaboration process?