Product Information: Spam

SpamWash SPAM Protection from Techware is a hosted email security and continuity solution that is compatible with your existing email system and can be implemented in just minutes.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages, with a customizable management interface and innovative features such as one-click whitelisting – so your email solution is both simple to deploy and hassle-free.

The cost of this powerful layer of protection is priced at just cents per day based on the number of users, and includes spam filtering, protection against viruses, and a true email continuity service which acts as an “always available” email backup solution.

SpamWash SPAM Protection from Techware gives your business all of this:

  • Security - with comprehensive and highly accurate SPAM filtering and antivirus protection
  • Peace of mind - knowing your critical business data and network are safe, secure and legally compliant
  • Simplicity - get rapid deployment and simple management with no startup costs
  • A partner in IT - with responsive and competent technical support when you need it