Is This You?

  • There are so many options available - how do I know which one will suit my business?
  • I am ready to move to the cloud and need a smooth transition plan 
  • I am on the cloud but it's not performing as well as expected 
  • I want to know the difference between AWS and Azure
  • I want to migrate to Office 365 with an experienced IT provider


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How We Help


1. Assess

The conversation starts with your business and what you expect to achieve on the cloud. This will drive all subsequent activities in discovering your current environment, current gaps and key improvement area.


2. Design

Your cloud solution will be based on what you want. You choose whether to change your entire IT, change some parts of your IT or make no change to existing IT but just add new cloud services.

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3. Implement

A detailed cloud transition plan is executed, with the aim to keep you in control every step of the way. You will always know what is happening, you will know when to allow each step to proceed and when to hold, keeping your business operation in tact.

4. Manage

Once we have successfully achieve your objectives, ongoing management and support is provided through the Managed Service program to ensure that your cloud service is always performing. 

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Getting started with the Cloud Getting started with the Cloud

Want to move to the cloud but not sure where to start?I Our comprehensive eBook explains what it is and how it can improve your business...

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Score your IT performance Score your IT performance

How does your overall IT operation measure up? Want to see where and how you can do your IT to do better? Take our 3 minute Q&A.

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Dan Romanis

With assistance from Techware we have rolled out Office 365 successfully across our fixed sites and have introduced the technology to our mobile Environmental Service. We believe in empowering our staff through strong and reliable IT.

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Maria Groner

Any IT transition can pose challenges to an organisation. Techware capably addressed our specific challenges and ensured a smooth Office 365 transition for us through good planning and knowledgeable guidance throughout the process.

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