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David Sia

Your IT Expert

David Sia, General Manager of Techware.

With over 15 years experience in the IT space, David has worked with some of the most trusted brands in Australia. His expertise is a cornerstone of the Techware Corporation and is always willing to help businesses of all sizes streamline and plan for the future with improved IT. 

Book your FREE 30 minute consultation with David today and benefit from his unique insight and discover your organisations full potential. 

MSP Melbourne

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In order to gain a holistic view of your business David requires an accurate depiction of your current environment. 


Through a targeted and direct questioning approach over 30 minutes, David will gain deeper insights into your business and gain an understanding of what you want to achieve with better IT. 
Security Analysis Melbourne Provider


David will provide recommendations for moving forward. How technology will best suit your situation and if he feels that your specific requirements are best sought elsewhere, will assist with this.

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