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IT Solutions that enable you to
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Uncover the inneficiencies that are holding your organisation back with our ‘Essential 10 Point Technology Review’.

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"These days it's rare for business not to outsource at least one aspect of their IT organisation. "


Outsourced IT with Techware 

Technology Guidance from the experts

  • Technology that enables you to service your customers and staff better
  • Focus on your core capabilities
  • Improve business processes 
  • Enable flexibility
  • Create scale
  • Predictable pricing 
IT Support
IT Support

Reliable IT support for your business when you need it most. Let our experts provide you with the solutions that will ease your work load.


Managed Services
Managed Services

A full managed services approach - you can focus on your Unique Selling Proposition, we can focus on making you work smarter. 

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IT Security
IT Security

Protecting your business is a complicated task that you need not stress about when you have an IT Security expert looking out for you. 

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IT Security
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Where would you be if your data fails? You don't want to find out. Our experts can advise and create a backup plan for your business to ensure that you're never in this situation. 

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Email Security
Email Security

Fortifying your business at one of its most vulnerable access points is essential. With Techware's email Security Solutions we can establish a strong foundation to ensure your communications remain secure. 


Computers and Device Management
Computers and Device Management

Maintaining a hold over an organisations assets can be difficult even in a small organisation. With Techware's Computer and Device management services we maintain and monitor these for you. 


Office 365 Melbourne
Office 365

Unlock endless opportunities with Microsoft's incredibly powerful software solution - Office 365. Create, manage, edit, collaborate - anytime anywhere. 


Managed WiFI
Managed WiFi

Staff and visitors are constantly demanding better and more advanced WiFi connections. With a WiFi service that is not provisioned correctly you can leave your business vulnerable to compromise. 


Essential downloads For General Managers 

10 Point Technology Review

Tired of finding the balance between Manager and stand-in IT Guy? Spending too much time putting out IT fires? Think that you can serve your clients better, but don't know how?

With the assistance of our Technology Review businesses have been able to:

  • Identify 'hidden' IT problems that were once holding back innovation 
  • Reduce IT spend
  • Slash time spent fixing IT issues (that General Managers shouldn't have to worry about anyway!) 
  • Get their teams running more efficiently and increase morale
  • Create a benchmark to understand your competition better
  • Create a better customer experience

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