Cloud Infrastructure

Cutting-edge cloud computing without the hassle and high costs

Techware will migrate you to the cloud quickly and efficiently, giving you a competitive IT advantage

The cloud is revolutionising the way organisations conduct business by enhancing security, workforce mobility, collaboration, and agility while saving on hardware and energy costs. But as with every new technology, there are a lot of options to sift through, and maintaining the competitive edge the cloud provides is yet another time-consuming IT task to be performed.

But by partnering with Techware for your cloud needs, you can get the advantages of a cloud infrastructure without spending excessive resources to design, install, and maintain one. For a flat monthly fee, we’ll analyse your organisation to determine its needs, then install the cloud setup that matches your goals and budget. We’ll then stay on to monitor and maintain your cloud infrastructure so that it always provides you with a technological edge.


With Cloud Infrastructure Services from Techware you get:
  • Increased Mobility — your apps and data can be accessed from any device, from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Enhanced Collaboration — your workforce can edit and collaborate on documents in real time
  • Top-Tier Tech — our vendor partnerships give you access to the finest cloud products at the best prices
  • Reduced Costs — with a cloud-based infrastructure, there’s no need to purchase, maintain, and power bulky servers
  • Better Security — your data and apps are housed in a fortified data center, protected from cyberattacks and natural disasters

License Management

All the best cloud-based software, managed and maintained for you

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