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  • My IT team needs additional IT resource
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  • I want a proactive approach to IT
  • My current IT is underperforming

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1. Assess

We begin by understanding your business purpose, goals and the outcome you want to achieve. This is followed by a IT discovery process of assessing your system and structure. At the end of this phase, we will understand the state of your environment so we can work on the best plan to help you achieve your goals.


2. Design

Once an understanding of your IT structure is established, together with your objectives and issues your staff are experiencing; we prepare a remedial plan and prioritise based on your business goals, budget and time frame. 


3. Implement

Once remediation plan is approved, we work with you to prepare a detailed project plan with the aim to keep you in control of the entire process from beginning to end.


4. Manage

Once we have successfully achieve your objectives, ongoing management and support is provided through the Managed Service program to ensure that your IT is always on and performing. 

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Dan Romanis

We have now worked with Techware successfully for over four years and in that time they have introduced changes that have supported us to move forward and grow as an organisation.  

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Maria Groner

Any IT transition can pose challenges to an organisation. Techware capably addressed our specific challenges and ensured a smooth Office 365 transition.

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