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Data Breach: Combatting Human Error with Technology

Trent : Hi there and welcome back to TechScoop thanks for joining us. Now recently I’ve been talking a lot about Mandatory Data Breach Notification that was introduced earlier in the year. Now the first report has been released which has shown us the highest number of reported instances of data breach and where originated. Now interestingly enough the highest number of reported data breaches and their cause was down to human error. For that reason I’ve called in one of the smartest blokes I know, Mr Tom Hickmott to talk about ways that we can combat human error. 

Mandatory Data Breach Legislation: The Results so far.

Trent : On February 22nd 2018, the Australian Government introduced Mandatory Data Breach Legislation which had a direct impact on a large number of Australian organisations. The changes put into a very simple manner meant that if you or someone that falls under the umbrella of the outlined organisations, willingly or unwillingly transfers information about someone else of a personal nature to an unauthorised third party that may result in serious harm.

The Truth About The Modern Firewall Part II

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The Truth about the Modern Firewall

Trent: Hi there welcome back to TechScoop, thanks for joining us. Today I want to introduce you to a special guest, Tom Hickmott. Sitting here with me is one of our Solution Architects here at Techware.  Now when it comes to complex IT infrastructure design, I think you’re going to be pretty hard pressed to find a better bloke than this guy right here at completing that.

3 Reasons Microsoft Teams Boosted Techware's Productivity

Trent: Hi there welcome back and thanks for joining us at TechScoop. Today I’ve got a special guest he’s one of our superstar project managers, Galvin Marques and I want to have a quick conversation this morning about Microsoft Teams and the advantages that we’ve seen here at Techware after adopting Teams into our workplace. Thanks for joining us Galv, good to see you.

Chances are you're failing at securing your business. Here's why.

Trent: The way that hackers are attacking organisations has changed. The scary thing is that most businesses aren’t making the proactive steps to stay one step ahead today, I want to talk about that.

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