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3 Reasons Microsoft Teams Boosted Techware's Productivity

Trent: Hi there welcome back and thanks for joining us at TechScoop. Today I’ve got a special guest he’s one of our superstar project managers, Galvin Marques and I want to have a quick conversation this morning about Microsoft Teams and the advantages that we’ve seen here at Techware after adopting Teams into our workplace. Thanks for joining us Galv, good to see you.

Hyperconvergence In the Real World


Hyperconvergence/Nutanix : Why we love it!

Trent: Hey there and welcome back to Techscoop proudly  brought to you by Techware. Thanks for joining us in the second installment in our three part series on Hyperconvergence, this week as promised I’ve got a partner to geek out with, Bill McRobb one of the Senior Technicians here at Techware. He was also one of the main drivers into us investigating working with Nutanix. Today I just really want to gain a better understanding into Bills decision and to help me do that I’m going to hand it over to Bill.

Hyperconvergence- What is it?

Hey there and welcome back to TechScoop, proudly presented by Techware. Today I want to introduce a topic that may be new to some of you and a little bit of a warning that we’re going to be getting pretty technical today.

IT Experts Agree: Security is better in the cloud

IT providers often discuss the business case for Cloud Security. While there are mountains of data available, it's always nice to see studies being conducted focused towards IT Experts and peers, around the globe. 

  • 4 min read
  • Apr 18, 2017 10:36:01 AM

IT DIsaster Recovery Plans: What you need to know before it's too late

While humans love predictability, the world we live in is decidedly erratic. The unexpected can always happen – and when it does, can your business resume operations rapidly?

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