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The latest and the greatest from the team at Techware. 

3 more technologies for people with disabilties 

In our last blog we discovered three applications that can change the lives drastically for people living with disability. As technology advances so do to the opportunities for applications to cater to the needs of these people. Today we are featuring three technologies that really impressed with their ingenuity and their potential applications.  Refreshable Braille Displays. These disaplys utilise electromechanically controlled pins, a contrast to the traditional lights used in a computer monitor. This software interprets what it is seeing on a website and converts this into a digital representation through cells lined up side by side. Each cell has 6-8 rounded pins which can extend and retract to represent a braille character.

3 life-changing apps for people with a disability.

Today I want to explore something that really interests me, incredible applications of technology that assist people living with disabilities. I've been scouring the internet for apps that might or might not be available right at this moment, if not they have campaigns to get funded.

How 'the cloud' can help you prepare for the NDIS - a beginners guide.

Understanding ‘the cloud’ is a concept that many struggle with, especially working in an industry where Technology isn’t a primary focus. You may have heard whispers about it here and there, but what is it actually and how can it help you serve your clients better?

IOT: The incredible applications for people with disabilities.

In our latest blog we discussed the Internet of Things and how this is going to drastically revolutionise the world through intelligent, connected devices. This made me think as someone who works in both the Disability & IT sectors how is this technology going to assist and create opportunities for people with disabilities?

Mobility and the NDIS: Think you're prepared? Think again.

The NDIS is the catalyst for technological change and advancement in a sector that is yearning for advances.

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