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Anatomy of an Attack - Staying ahead and protecting yourself

Trent: Hi there welcome back to Techscoop thankyou for joining us and today you’re in for an absolute treat because once again I’m joined by Ryan Economos from mimecast and we’re talking about the evolution of attacks, this week I want to talk about hwy it’s so hard to stay ahead of all of these attacks. So thankyou fro joining us Ryan.

Anatomy of Attack - Attack Vectors

Trent: Hi there welcome back to TechScoop, thanks for joining us now today I am joined by a very very special guest, Ryan Economos from Mimecast. Thanks for joining me Ryan.

Anatomy of an attack: Information Gathering

Trent: Hi there welcome back to TechScoop and thanks for joining us. Now this week Im fortunate enough to be joined by the incredibly intelligent Mr Ryan Economos from Mimecast, Thanks for joining us

Data Breach: Combatting Human Error with Technology

Trent : Hi there and welcome back to TechScoop thanks for joining us. Now recently I’ve been talking a lot about Mandatory Data Breach Notification that was introduced earlier in the year. Now the first report has been released which has shown us the highest number of reported instances of data breach and where originated. Now interestingly enough the highest number of reported data breaches and their cause was down to human error. For that reason I’ve called in one of the smartest blokes I know, Mr Tom Hickmott to talk about ways that we can combat human error. 

Mandatory Data Breach Legislation: The Results so far.

Trent : On February 22nd 2018, the Australian Government introduced Mandatory Data Breach Legislation which had a direct impact on a large number of Australian organisations. The changes put into a very simple manner meant that if you or someone that falls under the umbrella of the outlined organisations, willingly or unwillingly transfers information about someone else of a personal nature to an unauthorised third party that may result in serious harm.

The Truth About The Modern Firewall Part II

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