Five free apps to help you know what the competition is upto.

Five free apps to help you know what the competition is upto.

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are doing but haven't gotten up the nerve to ask them yourself? With these five simple to use apps, you’ll be able to keep track of what other people are saying about your competitors, as well as what they are saying about you.

1- Newsle
If you’re looking for a way to track what your competitors are doing, Newsle is a great web service. The website pulls contact information from your LinkedIn account to determine what they are doing on the Internet. Any articles that mention the person’s name will be archived in a summary page. You can even opt for email notifications, which will let you know when something new is posted about (or by) the person you are researching.

This lets you discreetly know what your competitors are up to, so you can always one-up their offers or add new features to your services that they haven’t thought about.

2- Glassdoor
If you want a clear view of the outside world, Glassdoor is a great app for both iOS and Android operating systems. It was originally designed for job seekers, but it lets you see salary information and reviews of employers. You can get a good idea of what your competitors do for their employees, and one-up them to prevent your talent from being poached. And if your team feels good about your company, they’ll have more desire to see you succeed over the others.

3- CrunchBase
With a free web application and mobile apps available, CrunchBase is an ideal research tool to follow tech companies, products, and services from all sorts of different backgrounds and areas. CrunchBase will also list products and contact information for any companies that pop up in the search feed.

4- Feedly RSS Reader
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way of taking multiple blog streams and putting them into one. It’s a way to keep track of multiple blogs without the annoyance of visiting each blog. Feedly is a tool that lets you view a summary of the blog post before wasting time judging whether it is something of importance. You’ll be able to follow trends within your industry.

5- Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a handy tool that tells you whenever Google detects a new piece of content about a particular subject on the Internet. You can set up alerts for your own company, your competitors, and even your own name and get email notifications when a new article is found online.