How ‘the cloud’ can help you prepare for the NDIS – a beginners guide.

How ‘the cloud’ can help you prepare for the NDIS – a beginners guide.


Understanding ‘the cloud’ is a concept that many struggle with, especially working in an industry where Technology isn’t a primary focus. You may have heard whispers about it here and there, but what is it actually and how can it help you serve your clients better?

The importance of cloud under the NDIS cannot be overstated as it is going to play a major factor in keeping your organisation competitive. There are many ways that it can improve and increase opportunities for your organisation, firstly gaining an understanding of the cloud is crucial. 

So what is the cloud?

The easiest way to explain the cloud is to think of Facebook. When you sign in to your Facebook account it can be from anywhere at any time and you are served up the same information. You don’t have to lug around a hard-drive that you need to plug-in to each machine when you want to see what your friends are upto - but your data is being stored somewhere.

Facebook_Illustrated.png Your information is stored elsewhere – the cloud.

Facebook is an example of what we refer to as public cloud – essentially this is a cloud server that is used by multiple people. If the Facebook server goes down, everyone's Facebook goes down. If security accounts are breached, everyone’s data is vulnerable.

One of the most common misconceptions about Cloud is that it isn't secure. The thing is that some of the public cloud providers who are out there are some of the biggest names in Tech. They need to keep your information secure because their business depends on it. 

To add to this, by working with a reputable IT provider there are services available to increase your security immensely. 

Organisations in the Disability sector have been moving to the cloud over the past 12 months in preparation for the NDIS and for the benefits that it will bring to their organisation. Cloud adoption will bring some very distinct advantages to proactive organisations in the sector.

Mobility – The ability to work anywhere will be crucial under the NDIS and the cloud will enable a truly mobile workforce. With powerful software packages like Office365 an organisation can reap many benefits. With such a powerful software offering users can access documents and work on them from anywhere. The opportunities for meeting your clients at their house, residence or where you will be providing supports and the ability to work from the location will save both time and costs for your organisation.

Security – Security is a concern that is raised when the topic of cloud is mentioned. But the reality is very different to the perceptions that exist. The fact is that in most cases the Cloud is more secure than the alternative on premise option (think about the Facebook example).

Elasticity – In this sense we are talking about how easily cloud operations can be ramped up or scaled back. This is important under the NDIS due to the amount of uncertainty that surrounds the rollout. With potential client numbers rising organisations need the ability to scale operations appropriately with minimal downtime. 

We've created a guide that explains what the cloud is and how it is going to help your organisation with transitioning to the NDIS, click here to get your free copy now.