Five Questions You Need To Ask When Looking for an IT Provider

Five Questions You Need To Ask When Looking for an IT Provider

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Selecting a new managed services provider is a tough decision to make. With all of the providers that are available in Melbourne, as a consumer you are spoilt for choice. But when it comes to selecting one of these potential partners you need to ensure that your needs are being fulfilled and that the provider is reputable and experienced when it comes to handling your ever important IT.

  • How long has your company been in business?

This is a good opening question as the provider has the opportunity to explain what they deem to be their most pertinent information to inform you of. Looking for a partner who has a wealth of experience over many years will likely yield a good result for your business. 


  • This is what my current IT set-up looks like, what would you suggest to improve my business and why?

This question is like throwing a curve-ball to an IT provider, it requires them to show you their planning skills and ability to identify your organisations weaknesses, strengths and opportunities. You will need to do some work on your part by readying some information for the provider to work with . 

  • How do you deal with software malfunctions or Security breaches?

This question enables you to understand how the IT provider performs when in crisis. Are they going to be proactive or reactive? Ideally you want to source an IT provider that is preventing fires, not constantly trying to put them out.  Ask them to explain how they will implement their solution, or how they have successfully done it in the past.


  • What makes you different from other IT providers?

Another question that enables the potential IT provider to explain what separates them from the pack. Are they ISO 9001 Certified? Do they run a specific software solution that gives them a technological advantage? Find out why they deserve your business.


  • Who’s on the other end of the phone?

When you’re sourcing an IT partner you need to be assured that their support team is there to actually support you. Through meeting the people who will potentially be solving all of your headaches you can gain a feel of the organisation and the culture and see if it fits with what you are looking for. 

Finding the right IT partner is a big decision and can be a lengthy process. But you have  to ensure that your business is looked after and you are on the right track. If you need any advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.