Passwords, Password Managers – What you need to know

Passwords, Password Managers – What you need to know

Hey there and welcome back to TechScoop proudly brought to you by Techware. Today I want to discuss an incredibly important issue, passwords and password managers. Now I know that you’ve heard about passwords and their importance before, but I want to lay it out in a different way to demonstrate.

Over half (54%) of people use 5 or fewer passwords across their entire online life. I mean, it’s a lot easier to remember the name of your pet and share this across all of your online accounts. But if you think back to 2012, LinkedIN suffered a massive data breach where 6.5 million encypted passwords were posted on a Russian site. Then in 2016 a further 167 million LinkedIn credentials were shared. Now this might not seem all that bad, you might be thinking that the worst they could do is change your title to something undesirable. But that’s where you’re wrong.

With the information gathered hackers will try your email and password combination across a variety of sites, ebay – to get a new TV delivered, bank websites – to take out loans, it just keeps going. If you have the same password, you’re done and the chances are you’re not going to find out about anything until it’s too late.

So what’s great about password managers? We’re loving LastPass here at Techware and we’re using it because it takes the headache out of password management, plus it’s incredibly secure.

The way that it works is you remember one complex password, it could look something like this………….. made up from a story that you would remember. Like I saw bruce springsteen in 2017 and it was out of control – IsBsi17iWoOC!! – that’s pretty hard to crack actually according to a password strength guide it would take around 4476650254127 years, 8 months and it’s also pretty hard for you to forget if you were there, you know what I’m talking about.  

But the cool thing is that this is the last password that you ever have to remember. The beauty of password managers is that they create super strong passwords for ALL of your accounts and you don’t have to remember them. This is what your vault would look like, I’ve had to blur some stuff out, but this is my lastpass account.

From the vault you can simply click on Facebook and it will take you straight into your account.  Now I don’t know what my password is, I know it’s really complicated and around 19 digits long. But all I need to remember is my secure LastPass Password and I’m more secure than I’ve ever been before.

This is the nature of password management, exponentially increasing your security, but decreasing the time you spend clicking on I’ve forgotten my password when you’re trying to access the App Store or other websites. If you want to have a look at LastPass it’s freely available and I’ll leave a link below. 

Thanks for watching, I hope that you’ve learned something about the importance of passwords and until next time have a fantastic week and I’ll see you soon!.