Calculation Game: ROI for IT Services

Calculation Game: ROI for IT Services


It can be tricky calculating return of investment (ROI) on IT Services. Unlike a static purchase, the growth of your company will fluctuate your IT needs. As a service, it can be hard to justify the initial outlay. With a physical buy, you know exactly how to calculate the net worth of investing in these products.

Yet, our IT systems are worth investing in.

It's a trap to focus on the overhead costs. Instead, it's a matter of increasing profitability and improving productivity. This is how we can quantify ROI for IT Services.This is done by identifying opportunities to improve processes, capitalizing on those opportunities and calculating their ROI.

IT Services that save money and increase productivity are already returning on your investment.

There are some simple steps that will help you assess your ROI on IT services. These steps will provide a template from which you can reliably calculate your ROI. 

Define Your Limitations

This is about letting go of some of the tasks that you can probably do, but should not be. This is because they are taking you away from your primary and most important work. How much productivity can you gain if you let someone else do it?

Examine Your Weaknesses

What are your weaknesses? Will these compromise on the ROI? How can you mitigate these or even make them redundant? This is a basic step in any business investment, sure, but it’s vital in calculating ROI for IT services. Is security your biggest weakness? Do you have a secure policy in place for mobile communications? Can you offer a secure environment for your clientele? By answering these questions, you will have a better idea of just how much you need to invest.

Determine Your Minimum

This is about tolerance for outages. Every business has a tolerance level when it comes to a system outage. Is it two hours? Four hours? A day? None? Know this minimum so you can calculate what to invest in.

You can't invest enough in your IT Services. It is insurance against potential threat and disaster. An essential part to keep you and your customers privacy intact. This in itself is an appreciable ROI factor. In any modern business practice, your IT has to be formidable to cope with all the threats and hackers out there.

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