Single Sign On: Why progressive companies are signing on.

Single Sign On: Why progressive companies are signing on.


Companies that have IT systems that store sensitive information are at a heightened security risk if they don’t consider Single Single On (SSO).

 The maturity of the cloud has resulted in computer users having multiple login accounts to access each and every different online service. At work, a user will have a separate login for their accounting system like Xero, payroll like MicroPay, online CRM like Salesforce, email system and many others. While at home the same user will have logins for Facebook, Google, Paypal, Twitter, Netflix, online banking, the list goes on.

SSO simplifies password management by allowing one user account to access all accounts on all services that a user consumes. Here’s how it helps:

  1. More secure by enforcing stronger complex passwords

Users no longer need to remember passwords for multiple accounts and therefore stronger, unique passwords can be applied for each services account. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to break the password. 

  1. Better user account management

With SSO it provides one point to stop access to all services when staff leave your organisation. This creates a much easier process where a manager no longer needs to remember all of the software and accounts an employee holds.

  1. Protect against bad user habits

 From a practicality point of view, or merely to maintain sanity, it is unlikely that an individual will have 6 or 8 different passwords for different accounts.  It is more likely that a person will have the same password on multiple accounts so that it will be easy to remember. This habit presents a huge security risk, if one user account is known it is easy to login into other services. SSO ensures a different complex password for each and every account making your information less vulnerable.

  1. Lowers the cost for password administration

If a user forgets their password, they can reset it using a simple question and answer process.

  1. Increased productivity

Significantly reduced password-related helpdesk calls; thus reducing workload. Thanks to SSO customers can retrieve the forgotten password by themselves, without taking their time to seek helpdesk support.

  1. Simplifies your users’ experience 

Using SSO allows users to login at one single access point and enjoy a seamless experience across multiple domains.

  1. Can reduce phishing 

Phishing, a fraudulent process where victims are tricked into giving away sensitive user information, increasing security for you and your users.

SSO is a proven, safe and secure way to protect your online identity, secure your information and to make passwords easier to remember and manage. It is a service that progressive companies are implementing as it provides greater security and control organisation wide.