Six Chrome extensions you’re suffering without.

Six Chrome extensions you’re suffering without.


If you use Google chrome at work or at home (72.4% of internet users do) and you haven’t started taking advantage of the chrome store, you’re missing out. Think of the Chrome store as an App store for your browser, it has a smorgasbord of applications that are designed to assist the way you work and play. 


Melbourne IT Provider - RescueTime


What were you doing all day? This handy add-on will help you keep on-top of what you’ve been doing and it will even rate how productive this activity is. Checking Tweets – Very distracting, reading a blog about a webinar series – Very productive. Through this rating system reports are generated about where you are spending your time and how you can improve your productive hours.

Melbourne IT Provider - GrammarlyGrammarly

Like a spell check but focused on grammar. Sometimes when you’re typing a large document you can miss some crucial grammaical points that make your writing seem less credible. When you’re not using Word this mistake can be easily made. Enter Grammarly – this add-on checks your typing on websites and emails to make sure you're not making simple mistakes. 

Print Friendly & PDF

Tried to print off a website but you don’t want the ads on the side and the unnecessary images, just the information? Well luckily someone has thought of this and how to fix the problem. Print friendly and PDF makes this happen with the click of a button. Definitely a time and paper saver.
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Some people work better with music, some with ambient noise. Noisli is a very simple to use add-on that enables you to create a soundscape that works for you. The sound of a roaring fire some wind and some thunder is a lot less distracting than listening to your favorite radio station. Just give it a go, you might be surprised how these very unobtrusive noises can help you focus on menial tasks that you have to get done.

Managed Services Melbourne - Timewarp Timewarp

Do you sit down on your computer and almost robotically you type in without even thinking about it? This add-on is perfect for you, you can set the site to redirect to where you should be looking on the web. You can set ‘wormholes’ that guide you around to productive sites or display messages that remind yourself to keep on track.

Melbourne IT Provider - AdblockAdblock 

If you’re not using an Adblocker, this is going to be the one thing that you take away from this blog. I paused my Adblocker to remind me of the bygone time when ads were popping up, sliding in and flashing on my browser. This really is an invaluable tool that you need to have in your Chrome arsenal. Once you’ve tried it I guarantee you won’t know how you lived without it.