Working with disability: Accessibility and Twitter

Working with disability: Accessibility and Twitter


The integration of accessibility functionality into social media is crucial and this week we are looking at the different capabilities within Twitter that make the platform much easier to navigate for those with disabilities. 

Twitter has been working hard on improving their platform so that is accessible for visually impaired users. Understanding that those with visual impairments often rely on their keyboard rather than their mouse Twitter has integrated keyboard shortcuts that you may not know about. 

Keyboard Shortcuts. 



To bring up this handy little menu, when you are on simply type in a question mark. 

SHIFT + ? 

This will show you how easy Twitter is to use with out mouse navigation. 


Understanding the ways in which to add alt-text to images is incredibly important when creating an inclusive environment for all users. On their website Twitter has in-depth instructions how to enable this feature on all platforms whether you're using an Iphone or your home computer. 


These simple to use tips will make Twitter easier to use for all audiences. By including image descriptions you can ensure that you are not alienating members of your audience who want to engage with you.