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Tired of updating, upgrading, and managing software? Let Techware handle it and save time and frustration

Licensing cloud-based software has many advantages over purchasing it: you always have the latest version, there are no upfront purchase costs, and the apps can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. But determining which software is best for your organisation, installing it on your devices, and ensuring they are always up-to-date are time-consuming tasks, and if done incorrectly, you won't get the software’s full benefits.

Avoid these pitfalls and get the best productivity and collaboration software on the market by partnering with Techware. We’ll help you determine which programs will benefit your organisation most and fit your budget, integrate them into your systems, teach your workforce how to use them, and manage your licenses moving forward. You’ll get the advantages of the latest software without having to lift a finger.


With License Management Services from Techware you get:
  • Guaranteed Compliance — we’ll make sure you have all the correct software licenses and you are using them as intended, to avoid fines and fees
  • Easier Budgeting — you’ll know exactly when your licenses need to be renewed and receive cost summaries for your yearly or quarterly budgeting
  • Reduced Costs — if you’re wasting money on licenses you don’t need, we’ll find out and advise you on the most cost-effective set up for your organisation
  • Expert Advice — Techware’s technicians are familiar with a wide variety of software programs and industry requirements
  • Higher Productivity — no more wasting time finding, updating, upgrading, or troubleshooting software; we do it all

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