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Computer and Device Management 


Reliable, available and scalable back-end infrastructure is essential to support business continuity and the smooth execution of front-end operations. Techware's infrastructure expertise means efficient management of essential components of your infrastructure for optimal performance, including:

Server and storage installation, management and support.

Network installation, management and support.

Email and Database Server Management

Colocation and Cloud Server deployment, management and support

When Techware takes charge of the back-end, your teams are freed to focus on innovation, strategy and operations, rather than keeping the IT systems running. Techware ensures the infrastructure is accessible, recoverable and secure.

Benefits of Computer and Device Management 

Focus on Your Business

With a professional outsourced provider managing your IT, unburden your team and enable them to focus on what really matters. 

Prepare for Growth 

Are you planning for the future with your business? Are you currently able to scale up operations at a moments notice? 


An integrated approach that continually creates backups for your business preparing you for the worst if it were to happen. 

recommended Services 

Device Management Melbourne
It Audit and Risk Assessment

Get a complete insight into the inner workings of your organisations IT. 

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Disaster Recovery Melbourne
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your business protected from physical and virtual threats? What happens if your infrastructure fails? Prepare for the worst with our Backup and DR Solutions

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Server and Storage
Server and Storage

Developing a system backup, disaster recovery plan or need storage solutions? Techware has extensive Server and Storage experience for all businesses. 

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Network Security Melbourne
Network Security

Have our IT team design, develop and deploy a multi-layered network security strategy that proactively protects your data assets.

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