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Backup and Disaster Recovery 


Every small business owner knows the importance of their data. Without it your business is likely to grind to a halt.

When you engage with Techware to create a back-up and Disaster Recovery Solution we ask specific questions to ensure your data is back online when you need it.

How fast does your business need to be back online? When we're restoring the data, how far back do you need to recover? What are the obligations to your clients from a data point of view - amongst many others. 

We take the time to fully understand your requirements so we can create a solution leveraging the latest technology that ensures your data is back online in no time.  

Benefits of Backup and Recovery with Techware


Without a comprehensive DR plan all businesses need to factor in the potential cost of ceasing operations for any amount of time. Will this cost your bottom line more than establishing a clear and concise plan?

Storage, Servers, Services

Some services, like email and more recently Office applications, do really well in the Cloud. If it works for your business, the more in the cloud the merrier.


With a backup solution from Techware we are able to schedule backups when your business needs it most. Is it daily backups that you require, weekly or even hourly?

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A strong Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution will increase your recovery options in the event of a disaster. Review your technology with our FREE guide and see just how effective it can be. 

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