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Prepaid IT Support 


Prepaid IT Support is ideal for the business owner or manager requiring support for a defined time-period. Whether to augment in-house team members or to provide additional resources to bolster the capabilities of your current provider, prepaid IT support provides flexible access to Techware's skilled technology professionals. The costs are fixed and if your staff are ill or take leave, you'll have a strong backup plan so your business keeps running. 

Benefits of Prepaid IT Support

OPTIMISED Cost Management 

Remove the volatility of expenses incurred from an in-house IT support team. Eliminate the overheads associated with staff, including hiring, HR and payroll management, training, office space and more.


Focus on your USP 

Outsourcing your technology services and support to the professionals enables your business to focus on revenue-generating activities. 

Help When You Need It

With Prepaid IT Support you have access to a team of professionals when you need it. You only pay for the time period that you require and we're always available for you.


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