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We've been providing Managed Services to Melbourne for over 25 years. 

A Managed Service option with Techware means that you are partnering with a company with a long history of success. We've been operating for over twenty years, managing the IT services of some of Melbourne's leading brands. 

With Techware at the helm of your ICT infrastructure, you will have the freedom to focus on your core business. This means more time spent on activities that are increasing your bottom line and less time spent managing infrastructure frustrations. 

But why do these businesses really need our managed services? Typically, they struggle with in-house IT that performs well below what any business should have to put up with. Often, this is due to:

  • The wrong mix of IT resources;
  • Ageing equipment;
  • Lack of IT processes; and
  • A reactive approach to IT management – that is, fixing things only after they break!

When in-house IT underperforms, it can result in:

  • Staff frustration;
  • Reduced productivity;
  • Snowballing costs; and ultimately
  • Inhibited business growth.

Through our managed services, we’ve helped Melbourne businesses overcome these problems by delivering:

  • Fewer disruptions – we schedule changes around low-impact hours
  • Fast response – we guarantee a response within 1 hour for all critical issues

If you’re looking for a reliable managed services provider in Melbourne, speak to us to find out more about how we can help you.

The benefits of Managed Services with Techware


IT Reporting

With our IT reporting you can rest assured that your technology will always be accounted for. 

Our reporting captures all events, with automated alerts bringing any anomalies to our attention for proactive intervention, before they impact your bottom line


IT Support

IT Support is the front-end customer experience component of Managed Services. 

Techware engages deeply with your organisation to gain in-depth working knowledge of common problems, your people, culture and general IT habits.

Mobile Management

Bring Your Own’ (BYO) mobile devices are a reality in every business today. That means company data is being accessed on staff-owned phones and tablets, posing a potentially serious security risk.  

With a Managed Services Option, you can protect your information, whereever it is. 

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Question about Managed Services and what makes us different?

We'd be more than happy to tell you, contact us now to chat.  

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