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Managed WiFi


Techware's networking specialists will work with you to establish a secure, reliable WiFi network which provides campus-wide coverage and easy access for visiting clients and employees alike. With a Managed Solution from Techware, business-grade WiFi is supported, secure and always on. Equipment is optimised, removing unnecessary elements (cables, wires, routers) from the network. 

Benefits of Managed WiFi 


A poorly provisioned WiFi network can lead to many vulnerabilities when it comes to outsiders accessing your information. Ensure that your network is secure and correctly established with a Managed Solution from Techware.

Reduce Costs

With a professionally installed WiFi network you can cut down on unnecessary costs (cables, wires, routers) from poorly established networks. 

Improved Accessibility 

With advice from professionals you may find that the current infrastructure that you have in your organisation isn't quite right. With professional guidance you have the knowledge that you're going to get the best advice for the best WiFi Solutions.  

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