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Microsoft Azure 


Microsoft Azure provides on-demand Cloud Services which include Software-as-a-service, through a global network of secure data centres. Techware offers a proven team of certified Azure Certified Experts to create the right cloud solutions to meet your business needs. 

Benefits of Microsoft Azure 

Build The Apps You Want

Working closely with your team, Techware provides expert guidance on harnessing and leveraging Azure services to best meet your requirements.

Business Intelligence 

Take advantage of your data stores with a targeted analysis. Go a step further by combining public data for even deeper insights and better, more informed decision-making through business intelligence. 

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly transition from on-premise infrastructure and applications to Microsoft Azure with Techware's proven expertise. 

recommended Services 

Office 365
Office 365

Unleash productivity and collaboration like never before with Microsoft's Office 365 suite. Word, Excel, Outlook plus many other additional features. 

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Project Services
Project Services

Need a one time job completed or some additional expert help for your team? Project Services with Techware is what you need.

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IT Audit and Risk Assessment
IT Audit and Risk Assessment

Get a complete insight into the inner workings of your organisations IT. 

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IT Security
Network Security

Have our IT team design, develop and deploy a multi-layered network security strategy that proactively protects your data assets.

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