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Private Cloud 


Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) is a fully outsourced and fully customisable cloud solution for all businesses. Avoid the overhead and expense of purchasing servers, licenses and equipment; with IaaS, leave it in the hands of seasoned experts. Techware has the capability to create solutions that cater to your exact needs. 



With Private Cloud Solutions your data is hosted in private, secure facilities to deliver the highest standards of physical and virtual protection. 

Reduce Costs

Utilising Cloud applications and infrastructure eliminates capital expenditure and operationalises business service costs. By paying only for the features and capacity required, costs are further optimised against outcomes. Your organisation also receives a technological boost with automatic access to the latest equipment.

Expert Knowledge

At Techware, Cloud is our long-standing speciality, with a proven track record of helping multiple businesses to seamlessly introduce cloud technology into their operations. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help drive your digital transformation. 

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