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Project Services 


At Techware we approach every project with a proven, process-driven approach. With thorough planning, careful delivery and ongoing support, your technology deployments are managed for optimal value delivery.

Be assured that you are in control, every step of the way. Every action, every change implemented and every technology used is explained in a language that you can understand.

We know that we're working for your business - not the other way around.  

Benefits of Project Services  

Take the Drivers Seat

With clear, concise information, we place you in the driver's seat and give you everything you need to make informed decisions. 

Fixed Costs

Everything that we do within our Project Services is for a fixed, upfront fee. No surprises and no unexpected costs. 

Process Driven

Techware is driven by quality risk management guidelines. We hold ourselves to the strictest standards and have established processes to keep our customers informed at each step. 

recommended Services 

Project Services
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Prepaid IT Support

Know the exact cost to your business when you get the best Technical IT Support from Techware. 

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Managed Services

Gain an IT partner who can help your organisation gain scalable efficiencies. Entrust your IT to 25-Year professionals.

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IT Security
Web Security

Enable your staff to access what they need to, whilst protecting them from what can be malicious. 

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