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Storage and Servers 


Techware has extensive experience when it comes to developing system backup, disaster recovery, data recovery, system restore and data storage solutions. We only use the best systems from Dell, HP, IBM and Huwawei.

The infrastructure that we build for clients is built around performance capacity, redundancy and resilience. We determine all of the potential points of failure and how much redundancy we can provide within your specific budget. 


Bespoke Approach Driven By Requirements 

Our approach is always driven by business needs and your budget. We only offer the right solution for you and never let brands dictate the appropriate solution. 

Disaster Proof

Does your business have a contingency plan in place if something were to happen? We can help you establish a strong disaster recovery plan so you never experience downtime. 


We provide support for your existing systems, alternatively if you need assistance procuring new hardware, we're here to help. 

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Get a complete insight into the inner workings of your organisations IT. 

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Computers and Device Management

From recommendations to acquisitions of the best technology for your purposes, Techware's experts are here to help. 

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