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 25 years experience has uniquely positioned us to be able to advise organisations on best practice IT.

Engaging with Techware as your strategic advisor enables us to conduct a  comprehensive IT audit and will identifiy and catalogue every item and service component within your environment.We assess any risks faced and identify opportunities, with recommendations to optimise your IT environment.

With this independent view of IT systems, you gain a complete understanding of the present situation, establish targeted operating model, and take the measures to improve and optimise technology performance for business advantage.

With this information your business is in a position to make decisions backed by your organisations capabilities and enables us to advise you on the optimal way to reach your goals. 

Benefits of a Strategic Advisory 


We with your current IT team or incumbents to understand their capabilities and your IT landscape. 



Working with your capabilities and your IT leadership team we plan the best way to implement your project, orgsanise your infrastructure, or develop organisational changes to benefit your business. 


Depending on your requirements we will continue to advise your IT team, or deliver the knowledge to them to proceed with a hands-off approach. 

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Questions about Strategic Advisory and your business?

We've got the answers, let's chat. 


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