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3fold Resources is a creative fit-out construction company who specialise in project managing shop fittings, joinery manufacture and logistics for some of our top retailers. Established over 15 years ago, the team of now 80+ employees are passionate about caring for our environment in the process of providing innovative and leading edge fit-out designs for the likes of Coles, David Jones, Myer, Officeworks, Kmart and more.

Having worked with our team on previous projects and managed IT services for over a decade and sharing common values, the founders of 3fold Resources (3FR) knew Techware was the right partner to drive their new business from day 1 to achieve their ambitious goals.


The challenge of aligning their IT strategy with their business objectives was vital to enable scalability and growth to achieve the company’s goal of becoming a major player in their industry. With only 5 employees at a small site in south-east Melbourne at the time, 3FR had complete dependence on an integrated IT design to digitally manage the entire business’s processes.

Everyone’s sights were set on doing 10 times their first year’s revenue by 2017 and the partnership went from strength the strength.


Being treated as a business partner with common values and not another client is a relationship standard that 3FR truly value. Together, a strategy was co-created to form a structure of support for their sales and marketing mechanisms, warehouse manufacturing machinery, customer ordering and fulfillment as well as supplier systems and BI data.

With an IT professional in their own team, our focus was on infrastructure support while their user base was being supported internally. Our end-to-end integrated processes proved strong and secure as we took the time to really understand the unique needs of the business at every stage. Proactive IT consulting ensured the growing needs of the company were met. From a small business start-up, aging infrastructure was upgraded ahead of time to not only allow scalability but progress ahead of the competition.

It was identified that a hybrid environment best suit their needs as there was a necessity for on premise hardware as well as cloud services to ensure we achieved the most efficient results for the company. A custom hardware configuration to match the business uptime requirements and budget was developed as stock technology solutions fell short of our standards, so we designed the best bred configuration for their circumstances.

They have complete trust in our IT expertise and response time to issues and pressing questions. In the case of an external system failure, the entire business operations comes to a standstill – it’s a scary thing when all communications spontaneously stop but there is complete peace of mind for 3FR knowing that for over 15 years we have always had the business back up and running in less than 30 minutes.

More recently, we implemented the next phase of our futureproof plan by adding a new level of network resilience. Their fully fledged disaster recovery system now enables 3FR to operate continually despite any cybersecurity breach – yes, no business disruption - a major step forward in allowing the business to have full confidence in their digital operations in today’s world of constant cybercrime.


CIO-level consulting of 3FR’s IT landscape enabled three seamless transitions of location from a small workplace right through to their current office warehouse of 10,000 pallet spaces. With 27,000 square meters of wifi connectivity and the onboarding of 80 new employees over time, the entire premises and team were ‘always-on’.

Throughout the 15 year partnership, the number of sales orders have increased by 70% and revenue is 10 times what it was in the first year – surpassing their start-up objective. The systems that are relied on to order, process and deliver tens of millions of dollars’ worth of product are security optimised and the transition of network upgrades have provided invaluable proficiencies.

As a result, 3FR have now outsourced all IT service requirements to Techware, partnering entirely as a managed service provider, projects manager and consultant – the full suite of our service model. A level of trust has grown to enable them to focus long-term on enhancing their competitive edge. It’s the faith in their digital operations that allow the 3FR team to concentrate on creativity, nurturing key relationships and delivering on the details.


Having achieved the ambitious 10X revenue objective together as a result of proactively co-creating and now managing the entire business’s digital operations, using our signature ‘safeguard and futureproof’ style, we now focus on the next stage together - again keeping the IT strategy and business objectives aligned to maintain their position as a major industry player for Australian retail fixtures.

We’re proud to say 3FR value our integrity and honesty most. It’s our shared values that make this partnership so successful and that’s what we look for in all of our internal and external relationships. Their primary requirement of a long-term business partner is trust – and at the end of the day, they know very well that we do everything we say we’ll do.

“They do everything they say they’ll do”

- Francis D’Mello, Co-founder, 3Fold Resources

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