Key facts

  • 25 years of IT service
  • People focused business
  • Culture driven
  • Quality Endorsed ISO
  • Certified MS partner
  • AWS Partner

What we do.

  • IT Strategy and Planning 
  • Complex IT problem resolution
  • Managed Services 
  • IT Projects
  • IT Security - data and CCTV
  • IP Telephony
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Our Story

We are building a place where people grow.

We are proudly a family business that is united by one purpose: to build better lives. We have a rich history encompassing over 20 years of helping organisations with more than just their IT needs. 

Our Values

Everything that we do is driven by our strong company values.

It starts with me

It starts with me

Own the process and the result Be the example Guide and be guided Share the load
Challenge the Status

Challenge the Status Quo

Embrace technology change Strive for continuous improvement Don't accept the conditions Act fast
One of us

One of us

Treat clients like part of the family Our clients are never guessing Bring energy and enthusiasm

Giving Back

At Techware we have a strong culture that believes in giving back to the community that we are so fortunate to be a part of. The following are a few of the ventures that we have supported in the past and what we intend on doing in the future.

Southern Cross Kids' Camps
Southern Cross Kids' Camps

Southern Cross Kids' Camps provides annual camps for disadvantaged children across Australia. The children who attend camp come from a background of abuse and neglect and are referred to the camps by welfare & foster organisations, school principals, social workers and chaplains Click here to learn more about their inspiring work


In June of 2015 Techware became a major sponsor of Cameron Lee, a cyling and basketball enthusiast who endeavoured to cycle across Laos to raise funds for Mission Rheumatology. In conjunction with the Laos Disabled Peoples Association and Disability Sport and Recreation Victoria (DSRV) Cameron has made it possible for the people of Laos to experience wheelchair basketball.

Techwares' Soup Kitchen
Techwares' Soup Kitchen

On Saturday, 23 July 2016 the Techware team will form a soup kitchen team to help those less fortunate in the community. Our goal for this year is to fund, establish and operate a soup kitchen that will feed those in need in Melbourne’s most underprivileged communities.

Key People

Wayne Hayes
Wayne Hayes : Infrastructure Architect
  • Avid cyclist 
  • Petrol head
  • Loving father of 2 
Chris Sia
Chris Sia : Service Delivery Manager
  • Rock climber 
  • Looks like a footy fan 
  • Doesn't watch football
James Bettaney
James Bettaney : Cloud Architect
  • Unpublished author
  • Cloud Technology evangelist 
  • Passionate cyclist 
David Sia
David Sia : General Manager
  • Golf tragic 
  • Dad to a little girl
  • Japanese ramen expert


IT Services Melbourne

Maria Groner

Any IT transition can pose challenges to an organisation. Techware capably addressed our specific challenges and ensured a smooth Office 365 transition.

IT Support Melbourne

Dan Romanis

We have now worked with Techware successfully for over four years and in that time they have introduced changes that have supported us to move forward and grow as an organisation.  

Client Stories