Welcome to Techware, Where Technology Meets the Heart

Techware is committed to building better lives for our clients, our families, and our community

We are first and foremost a people business (technology is second). The heart of what we do is focus on you, your goals and aspiration. This drives how we manage your IT and drives how we manage our business

Our people are humble, honest and we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are dead serious about your well being and your success.

We work with non profit organisations that are for disability, fight for child protection, family protection, housing, health and immigration services.

We work with major retail brands, printing, pharmaceuticals, professional services and manufacturers.

Our Story


It Starts with Me
How we approach teamwork...

Own the process and the result
Be the example
Guide and be guided
Share the load

One of Us
How we approach our clients...

Treat clients like our family
Our clients are never guessing
Bring energy and enthusiasm

Challenge The Status Quo
How we approach our work...

Embrace technology change
Strive for technology improvement
Don’t accept the conditions
Act fast


To be a place where people grow, both professionally and personally, for the benefit of their families and our clients.


To build a better life

ISO 9001Certified


Techware is proud to hold accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the global governing body on standards of quality. We hold an ISO 9001 certification, which is awarded based on, “a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement.”

This certification is a globally-recognized symbol of Techware’s commitment to providing quality services to our clients. Additionally, it shows that we have the capabilities to continually improve our offerings responsibly and securely. For the customer, this means they can rest easy knowing that the services they receive from Techware have been scrutinized by the world’s leading standards authority, and are guaranteed to be of high quality.


Building Better Lives for All

Techware is committed to enriching the lives of not just our clients, but of everyone in our community. We undertake many charitable endeavors, but our proudest to date is becoming a founding sponsor of the Southern Cross Kids’ Camp (SCKC) Golf Event. It began in 2007 as a humble pitch and punt, but now it has grown in size and scope and is held at the Huntingdale Golf Club annually.

SCKC is a charity that provides camps for abused and neglected children, giving them opportunities to have an adventure, make friends, and create happy memories of positive experiences. To learn more about SCKC and make a donation, please visit their website here.