Zero Trust Private
Access Solutions

Intuitive, advanced tool for securing a remote workforce


The many benefits of our Zero Trust Private Access solution include:


Enhanced user experience

Our simple yet effective authentication process means your authorised users can collaborate better on any app and device


Next-level security

Our smart tool hides your app and IP addresses from malicious eyes, preventing any internet threats


Easy management

Set and edit granular policy and permission levels for different users and business apps without hassle


Cost savings

Our cloud-based service means no more bulky appliances and costly maintenance fees



Enjoy smooth, effective protection whether you have 100 or 10,000 apps


Ongoing Support

Rest easy knowing that the Techware team will always be ready to help with all your questions and issues


What is Techware’s Alignment and
Management Zero Trust Private Access
solution, and how does it work?

Zero trust is a cybersecurity strategy that assumes that every user, endpoint, and app can potentially carry cyberthreats, even though some of the entities might have previously gotten the green light. The intuitive cloud solution will launch a thorough, effective authentication process and only allow necessary, app-specific level of access to each user. This minimises the risks, lateral movement, and therefore potential damages of cyberthreats across your network.

Although you can install the user-friendly solution on your own, determining the right level of access for each user and each application will require expert planning and configuration, as one wrong miscalculation can result in a costly data breach. Partner with Techware and get everything right the first time. Our IT specialists will learn your needs and assess your vulnerabilities so we can implement your Zero Trust Private Access properly, ensuring smooth access and robust security at all times.