Essential Eight Alignment and Management Services

Eight customised security strategies that help you easily curb the risk of cyberattacks


Techware’s Essential Eight Alignment and Management Services will measure your cyber security against the 8 categories and provide strategies to become compliant


Application Control

to prevent the execution of unapproved programs


Application Patches

that deliver the latest security patches to your apps within 48 hours of risk alerts


Microsoft Office Macro Configurations

that enable you to control which macros can execute in your systems


User Application Control

to block flash, Java, and ads on your browser, as well as disable unnecessary Microsoft Office features


Administrative Privilege Restriction

to routinely review the need for, and limit the number of admin accounts


Operating System Patches

that address the weaknesses in your network devices and operating systems within 48 hours


Multifactor Authentication

that protects your business from catastrophic data breaches


Daily Backups

that automatically store your data in robust, secure, and easily retrievable virtual storages


How do our Essential Eight Alignment and Management Services work?

We will check your security based on the 8 categories and provide remediation on where you are not complaint and ongoing monitoring to ensure you stay compliant