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Every business is at risk of a breach

Did you know:

  • Many businesses operate with security systems that are unable to defend and respond against cyber breaches.
  • Businesses are rarely notified of breaches until it’s too late and significant damage has already been done.
  • Data breaches can result in long term reputational damage that’s more expensive and long-lasting than any direct costs from the breach itself.

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Be prepared with a comprehensive data breach response plan

As remote business connectivity grows, so do the opportunities for malicious cyber attacks. With breaches becoming more sophisticated, finding an experienced and diligent partner is critical in protecting your sensitive data.

With Techware’s Detect & Response, you’ll no longer be in the dark when it comes to data breaches. This dedicated endpoint detection and response solution offers greater visibility into your IT security systems, allowing you to work confidently knowing all sensitive business and client data is protected and monitored

Built upon a proactive data breach protection plan and backed by over 25 years of cyber security expertise, Techware’s Detect & Response identifies what your cyber security missed – strengthening potential vulnerabilities, reducing unwanted financial costs, and minimising damage to your business’s hard earned trust and reputation.

Why Techware Detect & Response


Peace of mind

Thanks to our real-time monitoring and instant remediation, you can stay on the front foot against cyber threats and continue your day to day without having to worry about potential cyber breaches and further malicious attacks.


Cost savings

Both financial and reputational damage can bring your operations to a screeching halt.Thanks to Techware’s managed Detect & Response solution, you can shield your business from the long-term negative impacts of sensitive data breaches.


Maintain trust and reputation

For most businesses, client trust and industry reputation are vital for long term success. It can take years to build, and only a single incident to lose. By protecting your sensitive client data and associated assets, you can ensure you’ll always meet your own high standards and those of your clients and the wider industry.

What’s included?

24/7 monitoring

Detect and respond to potential breaches in real-time

In-depth breach analysis

Receive validated incident notifications, not just alerts

Continuous and proactive search

Stay one step ahead of new and emerging threats

Real-time endpoint containment

Swiftly quarantine affected users and minimise further damage

Fast and effective incident response

Address technical damage and assess potential business damage

Custom recovery policy

Outline what needs to be done to get your organisation back on track – fast

How Techware stopped a breach in its tracks

Significant network breaches are becoming more commonplace as malicious threat actors develop increasingly sophisticated attacks. Regardless of size or reputation, it seems no business is immune from malicious activity online.

In this case study, we look at how a simple security check discovered multiple security breaches, and how the team at Techware developed a custom solution to ensure this manufacturing business could stay one step ahead of those who might seek to wreak havoc on their IT systems.

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