Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Melbourne

High-performance, premium cloud products from Microsoft, implemented and managed for you by Techware

Every Fortune 500 company is in the cloud, and 95% of them use Microsoft Azure for their cloud infrastructure needs. It has the highest security, the most powerful software-building tools and services, and a lightning-fast global infrastructure. From simple databases and office networks to AI platforms and big data analytics, Azure has what you need to grow your business in the direction of your choice.

To find the right setup for your business and ensure you get the most out of Azure, Techware offers complete acquisition, implementation, and maintenance services. We’ll help you determine which of Azure’s many cloud products and services will benefit you most while staying within your budget, and migrate your existing infrastructure over quickly and seamlessly. Thanks to our affiliation with Microsoft, you’ll get the best possible price and a Techware representative to completely manage your Azure systems.

The many benefits of Azure from Techware include:
  • Strong, proactive security tools that Microsoft invests millions into every year
  • A goldmine of tools and services to develop custom software, databases, analytics, and more to increase your capabilities and productivity
  • The largest portfolio of compliance offerings to ensure easy alignment with all data regulations
  • Hybrid-ready solutions purposefully designed for on-premises/cloud-combined infrastructures so you can work the way you want to
  • Vendor management and infrastructure maintenance services from Techware that remove major IT burdens

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