IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services Melbourne

An IT contingency plan for any catastrophe

A data destroying catastrophe is a matter of “when,” not “if,” but Techware will ensure you are prepared for anything

Without your financial records, customer information, and other kinds of vital data, your organisation simply can’t survive. Unfortunately, there are infinite potential disasters that could wipe out your data, such as fires, floods, hardware failure, or vandalism. The good news is that with modern technology, you can have backup copies of your data stored safely off-site to be recovered quickly when needed.

Partner with Techware, and we’ll set up a customised Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan for your organisation. We’ll implement fast, automated, unobtrusive backup programs that create and store current copies of your apps, files, and settings in fortified data centers. Our consultants will also draft a recovery policy that explains what each employee must do to get your organisation back to full operations fast.

With Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services from Techware you get:
  • Peace of Mind — nothing will put you out of commission for long, so you can grow and innovate with confidence
  • Secure Backups — we store your data in a high-security data center and regularly test them for integrity
  • Lower Risk — every second of downtime after a disaster costs you money and jeopardises your operations; we’ll ensure that disruption is minimal
  • Up-to-Date Data — we can implement weekly, daily, or even hourly backups so everything is restored to the way it was before the disaster

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