RingCentral Cloud Voice Communications

Cloud-powered voice communications from the world’s leading solution, managed for you by Techware

Using a traditional phone line in today’s fast-paced markets is akin to driving a horse and buggy to work. It’s charming, but high costs for lower performance is a bad mix for business. Cloud-powered Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions offer countless more features and advantages, and at a lower price than the phone company.

Techware has a strong partnership with the industry’s leading cloud-powered communications solutions provider, RingCentral. This means that we can bring you world-class, productivity-boosting, customer service-enhancing communications systems coupled with Techware’s valuable maintenance and support services. You’ll have more versatile and reliable voice, video, and text communications while saving more money.

The many benefits of RingCentral from Techware include:

Ease of use

Our cloud-based VoIP takes minutes to activate and includes 24/7 ongoing support


Massive cost savings

Save on phone bills and budget more effectively with our flat monthly fee


Robust security

Never lose important logs or archives after a disaster strikes with RingCentral’s cloud backups


Hassle-free scalability

Easily add users and functionalities to support your growing needs


Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

Make and receive calls directly through the app without switching to another interface

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