Network Security

Ensure your network is well protected with a multilayered security approach from Techware


With Techware’s Network Security Solutions, you can easily:

Enhance security

with real-time threat detection that eliminates any malware before they can disrupt your operations or steal your data

Maximise your existing solutions

thanks to a seamless integration that’ll improve your investigation and threat alert capabilities

Gain internet usage visibility

thanks to a dashboard with real-time insights on internet usage by user, location, and application, as well as easy-to-understand reports


How do our Network Security solutions work?

Our Network Security solutions are a combination of best-in-class robust firewalls, content filter, network sandbox, and applications security. Coupled with expert configuration by our specialists, these solutions will secure your web and email gateways and protect your networks, systems, and databases from current and future threats.

When you partner with Techware for our Network Security solutions, our specialists will learn about your existing security setup and challenges. We’ll then walk you through your new technologies, how they’ll help your business, and how we’ll integrate them with your existing systems. And after a swift, smooth implementation process, you can count on Techware teams for responsive help no matter your questions or problems.