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Network Security


With Managed Network Security, benefit from full traffic visibility, perimeter protection and an intranet safe from application level attacks. We protect your organisation with our Network Monitoring Facility, monitoring traffic around the clock, with automated alerts for any anomalies. 

Benefits of Network Security 

Risk Mitigation  

Minimise the risk of Viruses, Malware, Adware, Spyware and Hacker threats penetrating your network. Benefit from Techware's team of experts to keep your systems secure from attack and disruption. 

Early Warning System

With Techware's early warning system, stop attacks before they gain any traction. By detecting threats as soon as they materialise, avoid the disruption and anxiety of business systems compromised by malware. 

Perimeter Protection 

Techware delivers a hardened perimeter to keep your organisation safe from targeted malware attacks.

recommended Services 

Project Services
IT Audit and Risk Assessment

Get a complete insight into the inner workings of your organisations IT. 

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Managed WiFi Melbourne
Managed WiFi

Ensure your WiFi networks are configured correctly, improve range, speed and security with a professional set-up.

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IT Services Melbourne
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your business protected from physical and virtual threats? What happens if your infrastructure fails? Prepare for the worst with our Backup and DR Solutions

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Office 365
Office 365

Unleash productivity and collaboration like never before with Microsoft's Office 365 suite. Word, Excel, Outlook plus many other additional features. 

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