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Why Choose Techware?

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For the past 25 years, Techware has provided the best IT solutions to Melbourne. We are an organisation that believes in a flat management structure to minimise red tape and deliver highly responsive work times.

Quality Endorsed ISO9001
Quality Endorsed

We are certified to the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management. As our client, you will receive consistent quality service, communication and delivery.


We firmly believe in the strengths of our people and encourage the formation of strong relationships with our clients. You’re not just another number. We are a knowledgeable, passionate and friendly team who are passionate about the best customer experience for you.

Blog Posts

Data Breach Legislation Australia

Don't Fall Foul of Australia's New Data Breach Laws

With the imminent introduction of new data breach laws, Australian organisations have a codified responsibility to look after the information of their clients......
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Security, Cloud By: Trent Paora
Don't Set Duped By This CEO Scam

Don't Get Duped By This CEO Scam

Got an email from the CEO requesting urgent payment of an invoice (or something similar)? Don’t rush in to get the job done .....

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IT By: Trent Paora
Melbourne IT Services

The Long Way Around - How my story influences our business. 

It wasn't your normal IT on-boarding, we didn't touch on what we have planned for the users, creating a mobile workforce, this was a little different ... 
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About Us By: David Sia