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IT Audit and Risk Assessment




IT Audit & Risk Assessment

A detailed Techware IT audit identifies and catalogues every item and service component within your environment.We assess any risks faced and identify opportunities, with recommendations to optimise your IT environment.

With this independent view of IT systems, you gain a complete understanding of the present situation, establish targeted operating model, and take the measures to improve and optimise technology performance for business advantage.

The information produced by our IT Audit can be presented to your current provider, or serves as a blueprint against which Techware will work with you to optimise your systems.  

Benefits of IT Audit and Risk Assessment

Independent Assessment 

Through a trusted third-party you can gain an unbiased snapshot of your IT environment. Discover where vulnerabilities lie within your infrastructure and create a plan to strengthen your IT. 


Create a Plan 

With results from an IT Audit, your organisation is equipped with a course of action to address specific problem areas, eliminate vulnerabilities and optimise IT systems for business advantage. 

Problem Identification 

Do you have an ongoing issue but can't establish what it is? Through a comprehensive Techware Audit, any difficult-to-pinpoint issues can be exposed and remedied. 

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