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Cloud Solutions
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Office 365

Amazon Web Service


Private Cloud


What is cloud?

Thanks to the Internet, your business no longer needs to spend money on servers, rack space, storage and in-house IT management. Cloud Computing solutions from Techware deliver your business all the technology and support you need over the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. That means you not only save money, but also increase your bottom line while eliminating the hassle of dealing with complicated IT yourself.

When you move your hardware, software, servers and business applications to “the cloud”, you’re simply transferring the physical aspects of your IT – along with their management and maintenance – to our team of experts via the Internet. That means you can better utilize limited office space, reduce storage and cooling costs for a “greener” business and easily upgrade your technology at anytime.

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Is cloud right for my business?

Cloud Computing solutions from Techware are designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. We are dedicated to providing Cloud services that can truly take your organization to the next level, allowing you to get ahead of the competition and achieve your goals with strategic technology.

Cloud Computing solutions are best for businesses that want to:

  • Get a better bottom line – pay-as-you-go services combined with increased productivity and lower IT overhead means you save money
  • Reduce their carbon footprint – go green by eliminating server storage and cooling costs
  • Enjoy flexible IT – upgrade your technology as needed and get fast access to new IT solutions on the fly
  • Modernize their business processes – streamline your business and get more out of the IT you count on each and every day
  • Work on the go – you’ll have access to company data and applications from any Web-friendly device

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Public v Private cloud computing

The Public Cloud

Public Cloud services deliver pay-as-you-go IT resources that are all operated, managed and maintained by the team of experts at Techware.

The Private Cloud 

Private Cloud services rely on the transition of business information to external data centers for a single point of control for security, privacy, compliance and management.


The many benefits of Cloud Computing allow businesses like yours to:

  • Improve productivity – with modern, efficient collaboration solutions that inspire teamwork
  • Go green – eliminate the cost of storing and cooling servers and other in-house IT equipment
  • Save money – incremental pricing structures and outsourcing your technology reduces IT costs
  • Get automated – streamline your business and say goodbye to technology-related headaches with full management and maintenance
  • Enjoy mobility – you and your staff can access all your company data online, so you can work from anywhere, anytime
  • Increase storage – cloud capabilities allow your business to store much more data than traditional computing systems
Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Delivered by Techware, AWS cloud computing is a premier on-demand computing platform which includes a wide range of enterprise-grade services for computer storage, networking, content delivery, database, application deployment and management, analytics and more.

With Techware’s expertise, understand where AWS can accelerate the performance of your business with the reliability, availability and scalability of on-demand services which are rapidly deployed, easily managed and powerful enough to meet the demands of any business.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure a cloud computing platform for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacentres. Azure provides ready access to integrated IT services including computing, storage, data handling, networking and application hosting.

 With Microsoft Azure, boost productivity with tools and services which deliver applications and infrastructure closely aligned with how you work. With Techware’s expertise, create the optimal model for your business: full cloud, or hybrid cloud. Benefit from the flexibility, reliability and scalability that has made Azure a globally proven solution of choice.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud

Private Cloud services rely on the transition of business information to external data centers for a single point of control for security, privacy, compliance and management. A private cloud is dedicated to a solitary organisation, where a public cloud services multiple. 

Google Apps Solutions

User-friendly Collaboration and Communication Solutions

When it comes to institutions such as high schools and SMEs, it is all too easy for IT departments to have their hands full with maintaining email and scheduling systems as well as handling software licensing and computer upgrades. Techware’s Google Apps solutions has it covered, allowing your IT specialists to improve and develop your school, university or workplace.

With Google Apps Solutions from Techware, you get:

  • Gmail – 7GB of secure email storage accessible from anywhere in the world, complete with in-built instant messaging, voice and video chat, and more.
  • Google Calendar – The easiest way to share calendars and arrange schedules throughout the office or high school from any computer or smartphone.
  • Google Talk – A free instant messaging app complete with VoIP, voicemail and file transferring capabilities for easy communication between students, teachers and staff.
  • Google Docs – Share and collaborate on spreadsheets and word documents from anywhere in the world without having to keep track of multiple different attachments.
  • Google Video – Post videos online in a secure environment, allowing others to search, tag, rate or comment.
  • Google Groups – Create your own mailing lists and self-moderated forums to facilitate collaboration in the school, university or office.
  • Google Sites – A simple way for students, teachers and employees to create their own internal or external websites complete with images, videos and more.
  • Google App Engine – Build and develop a range of customised applications using the technology and power behind standard Google Apps.
  • Google Apps Marketplace – Search for and obtain applications created by others to further enhance IT capabilities in the school or office.
  • Security – Google Apps are developed and maintained by an expert security team, and strengthened with built-in technology such as spam and virus filters.
  • 24-hour Assistance – A wide variety of online articles and other resources, as well as email and phone support, is available anytime to assist with your problems.

With Google Apps solutions offered and supported by Techware, free up your IT department with the power of cloud computing enhanced by the flexibility of our consulting and management services.

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