Techware & Not-For-Profits:

We listen, We own your IT issues, and We care

  • IT disruptions can divert staff away from your mission
  • A mobile workforce can lead to collaboration issues
  • Manual processes around sensitive client data leaves your NFP exposed
  • NFP’s are easy targets in the cyber security world

How Techware specialises in the NFP sector

We keep your IT systems functioning, so you can focus on your mission

We set up cloud infrastructure to ensure all staff, volunteers and donors have access to the files and information they need

We digitise and modernise your workflows and processes to reduce risks and improve efficiency

We implement proactive cybersecurity protection and maintain your level of online risk

We understand budget restraints and government compliance requirements for the NFP sector

We create a roadmap for the future to ensure your IT will support your NFP in periods of growth

Why choose Techware For your NFP technology needs?

We believe in building better lives and we have ample experience in the NFP sector.

One of the key areas we can assist is in understanding Government regulations around security, including how to protect sensitive member information. We also understand most NFPs have limited budget. We work within your NFPs capabilities. We look at your priorities, break them down and fit them within your budget and broader business goals.

Techware focuses on mitigating risk across your organisation, as well as improving efficiency, productivity and member experience. By using a combination of our services, you can rest easy knowing your NFP will be secure and compliant. No one size fits all. Your solution is assessed based on your budget and needs.

Our Story

Techware and the Australian childhood Foundation

The Australian childhood Foundation (ACF) came to Techware for assistance with updating their IT platform pre pandemic. Little did we know at the time,our work in setting up the organisation in the cloud would be crucial to the effectiveness of their mission throughout the pandemic.

We have now been working with ACF for 5 years and our relationship has developed into a friendship. We are very proud to be a part of the ACF journey.

What our customers say