Get The Guide : Top 5 Vital Elements to Consider When Starting a Security Operation

The necessity for sound information security practices and secure computer systems has never been more pronounced, with 95% of CIO's believing Cybersecurity threats are only set to increase.

Are you reviewing or implementing a new Security Operation into your business? Do you need to know exactly where to start and what a solid Security Operation looks like?

Techware is proud to introduce a new entry level guide, which educates you on how an integrated, multi-layer detect-in-depth capability approach to security enables a more secure organisation.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • Techware's framework for a secure organisation
  • How through refocussing your efforts on security you can ensure a more secure environment
  • The cyclical nature to security and what implications this will have on your business
  • Why nearly every other approach to Security is set to fail

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