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Managed Detection And Response

What it is and what you need to know.

By 2020, 15% of organisations will use MDR services, up from fewer than 5% (in 2018) - Gartner.

In a new eBook, Techware shows how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the re-imagination of cyber security. It takes the traditional security mind set and turns it on its head. By realising that an enterprise’s borders can never be completely secured, it turns the attention inward and, in doing so, it turns the tables on attackers.

By focusing on the detection of attacks that breach the perimeter, breaches can be rapidly recognised and responded to. This significantly reduces the time an attacker has within a network and nullifies their ability to do material harm.

Learn the following:
  • How to mitigate the damage once an attacker breaches the perimeter.
  • Why SIEM, SOC and MSSP are going the way of the dinosaurs.
  • How, through true intelligence. MDR shine a lighjt on the deep and dark web.

Level the playing field, equip yourself with the knowledge hackers don't want you to have.

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