Am I being breached? Data breach detection tools and tips to suit any organisation

Am I being breached? Data breach detection tools and tips to suit any organisation

Cyberattacks have become a more frequent threat to organisations of all sizes and industries.  

 They have the potential to result in data theft, damaging system interruptions, and unauthorised access to critical IT infrastructure. Even with the most robust cyber security frameworks in place, all businesses are bound to experience some level of cyber breach sooner or later. 

 So, what should you do if you suspect that your IT environment is at risk? Are you unsure how at risk you are and overwhelmed thinking about what steps to take to prevent the worst from happening? 

 With the right data breach detection tools, any business can detect a cyber breach before it’s too late.

In this second blog in our series on cyber breach detection and response, we examine common cyber vulnerabilities that most organisations may not be aware of, tell-tale signs of a breach in process, and how fit-for-purpose solutions can help you quickly identify and contain unwelcome cyber intruders with unmatched speed and efficiency.


Staying one step ahead can be tricky, but it isn’t impossible


A key thing to understand about data breaches are that it can be difficult to tell if it is happening until it’s too late. In most cases, it’s not until the threat has infiltrated and spread throughout the IT environment that action is taken. But there are some key signs to look out for and some of the  most overt signs come in the form of a ransomware email, notification of stolen information, or suspicious calls or messages - often brought about due to simple human error.

At other times, the signs may still be subtle and hard to spot, but they may show up through things such as a slight change in system performance, an increase in pop-ups or suspicious messages from emails, or simply unusual activity that was not seen before.

Other ways to stay alert are if devices or programs aren’t operating as usual. Maybe you’ve lost access to certain files or directories, or your passwords aren’t working properly - these can all be indicators that a cyber breach is in progress. In our whitepaper, we list out common signs of a breach on pages 8-9. Download it here.


No matter where your business is at, cyber security matters


We understand that for some businesses with high maturity and more solid cyber security already in place, your main concern will be how to know if and when you’ve been breached and active ways to prevent it in the first place. 

For others, there may have already been a data breach or they are just starting out in gathering what is needed to tighten up their IT environment to prevent future breaches.

The key message, wherever you’re at in your cyber maturity, is that remaining vigilant about the current state of their cyber security and response systems is vital to stopping cyber breaches in their tracks. Just last year, the ACCC revealed that scammers stole over $3bn from Australians, highlighting the need that business of all cyber maturity levels must move in the same direction, finding the right way to achieve their respective IT security goals.


How to protect against a cyber security breach


If you are concerned about the vulnerabilities of your organisation, there are a number of fit-for-purpose data breach detection tools and processes that can secure your system as quickly as possible: 

Essential 8 

For businesses who are just starting out on their cybersecurity journey, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Fortunately, Techware's Essential Eight Alignment and Management Services can help lower maturity businesses easily curb the risk of cyber-attacks. This solution provides eight customised security strategies that are tailored to your specific business needs, allowing you to address your vulnerabilities and safeguard your systems and data. By implementing these essential cybersecurity measures, businesses can begin their journey towards a more secure and protected digital environment. 

Compromise assessment

For businesses who want to test their response to potential security breaches, Techware's Compromise Assessment solution is the perfect fit.

This early-stage data breach detection tool is designed for businesses who are looking for a one-off solution and do not require ongoing support. Techware’s team of experts will monitor your network traffic, search your endpoints, conduct behaviour analytics, and conduct full-fidelity packet capture from your security devices to identify any current or previously unseen suspicious activity.

By providing you with actionable information and a better understanding of your vulnerabilities, our Compromise Assessment solution enables you to effectively ward off future attacks and strengthen your overall security posture. 

Detect & Response 

A full implementation of Techware’s Detect & Response solution offers businesses the peace of mind they need when it comes to their IT security.

Our team will implement and configure the necessary software into the designated areas of your network to ensure full coverage. With our solution, you will have greater visibility into potential data breaches and be able to respond quickly and confidently. You can rest assured that all sensitive business and client data is protected and monitored around the clock, keeping your business safe from cyber threats.


Suspecting a breach: how a manufacturing business took the right steps to keep cyber intruders out


In a recent case study, Techware highlighted the benefits of maintaining a vigilant attitude towards protecting sensitive data and wider IT environments.

Even with a substantial cyber security framework in place, this manufacturing business wanted to gain a clearer understanding of their own system vulnerabilities.

Techware was engaged to have a closer look at the holes in their cyber security. By implementing a combination of shared system software and a traffic analyser at the network endpoint, both customer and Techware remained informed of even the slightest of changes in the customer’s regular activity.

After identifying 21 ongoing breaches, Techware was able to immediately remediate all breaches discovered. By ensuring an almost instant response, the manufacturing business were able to move forward with Techware’s ongoing cycle of detection, response and monitoring - keeping their system secure with no extra work on the business’ part.


Find the right response solution and remain one step ahead of unwanted cyber threats


While it can be a little scary to consider your business’ vulnerability to a cyber-attack, it’s probably no surprise to realise that the longer you wait to tackle it, the greater the chance of a threat spreading through your IT environment and causing irreparable damage.

Even if you’ve previously put measures in place to stop future breaches, cyber threats and malicious actors are always evolving, so it's always a good idea to keep regular tabs on any vulnerabilities via a one-off Compromise Assessment, or ongoing Detect & Response plan for continuous cyber breach support. 

For more information on Australia’s modern cyber security landscape and how you can get ahead of unwanted cyber threats, check out whitepaper: To Catch a Breach TODAY: What to look out for, how to mitigate damage and stop further breaches.

Packed with information on protecting your organisation from the financial and reputational damage of a breach, this guide covers evolving cyber threats, key information on how, why and where cyber breaches occur, and an easy to implement list of actions you can take to keep your IT environment safe.

Download the whitepaper today.



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